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1.Smoked eggplant cream with toasted baguette, fresh vegetables 1,890 HUF

2.Homemade potato fritters with sheep cheese sauce, bacon crumbs 1,890 HUF

3.Duck liver pate with toasted baguette, red onion jam 2,290 HUF

4.Breaded cheese balls with sweet chili sauce 1,890 HUF


5.Rich pork broth 1,790 HUF

6.Sorrel-caramel pear soup 1,990 HUF

7.Creamy tarragon venison stew soup with potato dumplings 2,590 HUF

8.Cheddar cheese soup with duck liver pate, crispy baguette 2,190 HUF

Main Courses 


9.HBH Platter for 2 

Stuffed pork loin with smoked cheese and ham in crispy coating, grilled chicken breast with tomato and mozzarella, breaded cheese, breaded mushrooms, jasmine rice, and parsley potatoes

8,990 HUF

10.Bavarian Platter for 2 

Beer-braised pork knuckle, Bavarian sausage, crispy coated chicken breast strips, grilled pork medallions with mushroom ragout, jasmine rice, Bavarian cabbage, and spicy roasted potatoes

10,990 HUF


11.Chicken breast strips coated in panko breadcrumbs, served with jasmine rice, and cauliflower puree 3,890 Ft

12.Chicken breast stuffed with smoked cheese and ham  Stuffed chicken breast with smoked cheese and ham, coated in panko breadcrumbs, served with boat potatoes and cheesy jasmine rice 4,190 Ft

13.Crispy duck leg with stewed purple cabbage with dried plums, boat potatoes 4,590 Ft

14.Roasted chicken breast fillet with gratin potatoes, cheddar cheese sauce 3,890 Ft


15.Giant breaded pork tenderloin with dill sheep cheese sauce, spiced jacket potatoes 4,290 Ft

16.HBH Brassói-style pork medallions with crispy duck skin 3,590 Ft

17.Crispy pork knuckle with stewed cabbage, roasted diced potatoes 5,790 Ft

18.Potato tower with juicy pork medallions and forest mushroom ragout 4,190 Ft

19.Venison stew in red wine sauce with potato pancake 4,590 Ft

20.Pork tenderloin medallions with gratin potatoes, cheese sauce 4,190 Ft


21.HBH Burger 5.0  Beef patty, cheddar cheese, smoky sauce, bacon jam, spicy roasted potatoes 3,990 Ft

22.HBH Chicken Burger Chicken breast, cheddar cheese, smoky sauce, bacon jam, spicy roasted potatoes 3,790 Ft

23.Pulled Pork Burger  Shredded pork, cheddar cheese, smoky sauce, bacon jam, spicy roasted potatoes 3,990 Ft


24.Fish & Chips 4,190 Ft

25.Grilled trout fillet with cheesy gratin potatoes, hollandaise sauce 4,290 Ft

26.Sheep cheese or cottage cheese dumplings with fried bacon 2,390 Ft

27.Creamy smoked salmon gnocchi 5,290 Ft


28.Hot chocolate soufflé with vanilla ice cream 1,690 Ft

29.Pancakes (2 pcs.) (chocolate, fruit, cottage cheese, or Nutella) 990 Ft

30.Cheesecake with sorrel caramel pear 1,690 Ft